Bullet Journaling Tips en Tricks

Eergisteren schreef ik over het Bullet Journal-systeem, vandaag kom ik er nog één keer op terug. Tijdens het browsen herontdekte ik een eerder opgeslagen link van Exvitae.com, getiteld Bullet Journaling Tips and Tricks.

  1. Use the index page – I really like the idea of creating more general lists (like books I’ve read in 2015) that I can come back and add to in the future. To save myself a lot of frustration trying to go back and find these guys later on, I catalogue everything on  the Index page. Seriously, everything. Meticulously. This has helped me track goals over longer periods of time, add to ideas after I’ve had some space to think, and revisit little bits of advice that I’ve left myself over the last few months.
  2. Add a weekly focus page – at the beginning of each week, I like to add a page where I collect my goals for the days ahead. This method has been crucial for setting off on the right foot every Monday morning and prioritizing my various efforts effectively. Aligning my weekly goals to my longer-term, more nebulous goals actually helps me track incremental success, and I end up with a more distinct sense of accomplishment every Friday afternoon. It’s pretty cool.
  3. Don’t use the whole page – or do. Whatever. – this is more of an ACD-specific parameter, but it speaks to my super-OCD tendencies about wanting to fill each and every page with just one entry . If I don’t, I must have missed something. Or, I didn’t accomplish enough that day. WHATEVER. Just write things down as you need to – don’t invent stuff to put in there or feel bad if you use two or three entries per page. It’s all good, man.

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