Failing Forward Faalfolie in Kortrijk

Dinsdag 24 januari organiseert haar eerste Faalfolie in Kortrijk. Jorn Vanysacker, Serge Waterschoot en Wouter Nuytten delen hun ondernemersverhalen, moeilijke keuzes en leermomenten. Ben je in de buurt? Koop dan nu nog je ticket via Eventbrite.


Are you ready for the first edition of the Failing Forward Faalfolie Kortrijk?
Failing, flopping, falling short: entrepreneurs experience their big and small moments of failure. As entrepreneurship is all about failing and getting back on your feet – in order to start it again and do it even better!

During the Failing Forward Faalfolie we will honestly talk to entrepreneurs about the obstacles and unexpected stumblig blocs they experienced on their way to success. Because you fail only if you never learn from it. Success without making mistakes does not exist. Failure is a stepping stone to success.

The Faalfolie evening includes three stories / testimonials about failure and offers an opportunity to discuss them afterwards with a drink.

19:00 – Welcome & registration
Moderator: Kobe van Reppelen

19:30 – Jorn Vanysacker
Jorn, together with his business partner, gave a new boost to the online dating scene in London. The mission they started was called “Rendevoo”. It was a roller coaster. Although it had numerous ups and downs – he would not have done it differently.

19:50 – Serge Waterschoot
Serge had a successful career at Worldline for years. Eventually he had to deal with a burnout. He turned his life around and started a handcrafted furniture studio.

20:10 – Wouter Nuytten
Wouter quit school at an early age. However, when he was 20 years old he found Octopin. In his early career as an entrepreneur Wouter experienced many high points, but also many low points. His story is of entrepreneurial survival to never give up and learn countless lessons.

20:30 – Q&A
21:00 – Networking & drink

“Ik kom de volgende keer wel.”

Ook goed! Dat is op 9 maart in Brussel, waar den deze modereert én spreekt.

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