KobeGRADUAAT: mijn eigen postgraduaat

Ik schreef het eerder al: ik ben pas beginnen studeren na mijn hogeschoolstudies. Zie hier een overzicht van de gekochte boeken in 2016. Een resem klassiekers óf boeken die door duizenden mensen aangeraden worden. Ze dienen vooral om een snel inzicht in materie te krijgen (zoals de Short Introductions van Oxford), geschiedkundige feiten te raadplegen, de Romeinse en Griekse tijd te herontdekken. Of om globale bewegingen te begrijpen. Ik lees liever een boek over vluchtelingen in de laatste 1000 jaar, dan Theo en Kristof te zien discussiëren. Liever Kant of Hume dan de kerk. Enzoverder.

Wat lees jij in 2017?

Title Price
1On Liberty€ 5,28
2Kant: A very short Introduction€ 7,78
3Schopenhauer: A very short introduction€ 8,11
4Economics: A very short introduction€ 6,66
5Hume: A very short introduction€ 6,61
6Wittgenstein: A very short introduction€ 7,80
7Jung: A very short introduction€ 7,84
8Logic: A very short introduction€ 7,46
9Waterloo€ 2,97
10The Rational Optimist€ 10,49
11The Effective Executive€ 11,84
12How to Live€ 11,00
13The old man and the sea€ 6,62
14Consciousness: A very short introduction€ 6,86
15The Mythical Man-Month€ 21,64
16What I learned losing a million dollars€ 20,40
17Never Eat Alone€ 9,50
18Dying Every Day€ 14,18
19Becoming a Category of One€ 12,35
20Mapping the Mind€ 16,18
21Man’s Search for Meaning€ 7,03
22So Good they can’t Ignore you€ 14,26
23The Rise of Superman€ 8,31
24The Magic of Thinking Big€ 8,54
25The Tartar Steppe€ 9,46
26Mindless Eating€ 9,15
27Selling the Invisible€ 10,18
28Anything you Want€ 9,09
29One Hundred Years of Solitude€ 8,12
30Becoming Freud€ 10,06
31Speak like Churchill, Stand like Lincoln€ 10,53
32Chimpanzee Politics€ 26,45
33The Promise of a Pencil€ 11,20
34Between the World and Me€ 10,77
35The History of the Peloponnesian War€ 11,02
36Discourses and Selected Writings€ 9,30
37The Strange case of dr Jekyll and mr Hyde€ 5,30
38Eichman in Jerusalem€ 9,02
39Work Smarts€ 16,41
40The Warrior Ethos€ 7,99
41The War of Art€ 10,35
42Do the Work€ 8,79
43Give and Take€ 7,44
44The Warrior Ethos€ 7,99
45What I talk about When I talk About Running€ 6,38
46Turning Pro€ 10,50
47The Wisdom of Frugality€ 20,66
48The Library of Greek Mythology€ 6,17
49Wealth of Nations€ 6,55
50On War€ 4,84
51How to get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia€ 8,47
52Write the Perfect Book proposal€ 14,83
53The Black Swan€ 14,23
54Lying€ 9,86
55Creatures of the Greek Mythology€ 7,36
56Rising Strong€ 12,99
57Daring Greatly€ 9,34
58The Gift of Imperfection€ 9,99
59The Myth of Sisiyphus€ 4,87
60Nausea€ 9,27
61Jane Eyre€ 4,29
62Brave New World€ 7,39
63Meditations€ 4,89
64Frankenstein€ 6,12
65Pride and Prejudice€ 6,75
66Candide€ 3,96
67Hamlet€ 3,96
68Imitation of Chris€ 3,84
69The Diary of a Young Girl (Anne Frank)€ 5,90
70Fahrenheit 451€ 6,05
71Hannibal and Me€ 15,53
72The Picture of Dorian Grey€ 3,31
73The Great Gatsby€ 3,23
74On the Genealogy of Morals€ 6,98
75From those wonderful Folks who gave you Pearl Harbor€ 9,15
76Antifragile€ 10,77
77Titan€ 14,82
78Steve Jobs€ 9,78
79Zig Ziglar’s Secrets of Closing the Sale€ 14,78
80The Tom Peters Seminar€ 15,59
81Awaken the Giant within€ 10,51
82Free Will€ 6,12
83The Hero with a thousand Faces€ 16,94
84They Got it Wrong: History€ 13,77
85The Wisdom of Insecurity€ 10,79
86The Book on the Taboo against Knowing who you are€ 10,72
87Sapiens€ 11,36
88Big Questions from Little People€ 19,21
89The Hard Thing about Hard Things€ 13,85
90Outliers€ 6,59
91David and Goliath€ 7,74
92The Tipping Point€ 10,22
93The Wizard of Menlo Park€ 12,99
94Walt Disney€ 15,93
95Stumbling on Happiness€ 9,87
96Predictably Irrational€ 6,77
97Nudge€ 8,10
98Sperm Wars€ 12,83
99Andrew Carnegie€ 9,87
100Howard Hughes€ 17,43
101Radical Acceptance€ 10,73
102Benjamin Franklin€ 11,52
103My Life and Work – Henry Ford€ 11,97
104Don’t Shoot the Dog€ 8,18
105Antifragile€ 9,75
106The Big Short€ 10,43
107As a Man Thinketh€ 3,88
108How to be Bored€ 7,96
109How to live in the City€ 8,01
110The Crossroads of Should and Must€ 12,59
111Essays in Love€ 7,10
112Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus€ 14,44
113The Little Prince€ 3,34
114Show Your Work€ 8,63
115Choose Yourself€ 9,64
116The Comprehensive ENFP Survival Guide€ 12,76
117The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing€ 8,67
118Anything You Want€ 10,05
119Finding Your Element€ 9,38
120The Checklist Manifesto€ 9,49
121On Writing€ 11,16
122We Learn Nothing€ 13,29
123The Complete Maus€ 16,20
124Bad Science€ 9,36
125Writing That Works€ 10,56
126Kurt Vonnegut: Letters€ 15,58
127Letters from a Stoic€ 9,93
128The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work€ 13,89
129Small Giants€ 11,16
130Thinking, Fast and Slow€ 10,34
131Slaughter House Five€ 6,42
132The Prince€ 4,34
133Dodging Exctinction€ 24,83
134On Kissing, Tickling and Being Bored€ 20,20
135It’s not how Good you Are, it’s how good You want to be€ 6,88
136Letter to my Daughter€ 10,48
137Missing Out€ 13,35
138Big Magic€ 14,83
139The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin€ 6,44
140Buddhism without Beliefs€ 12,49
141The Journal (Henry David Thoreau)€ 17,59
142Insight Meditation€ 16,52
143How to Fail at Almost everything and Still win big€ 13,08
144The Lion and the Bird€ 15,85
145The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide€ 17,78
146Riding with Rilke€ 21,57
147The Happiness Project€ 5,15
148The Art of Non-Conformity€ 13,54
149Born for This€ 18,68
150The $100 Startup€ 9,80
151The Happiness of Pursuit€ 12,61
152Godel, Escher, Bach€ 23,82
153The Knowledge: A Too Close to True Novel€ 13,44
154Bird by Bird€ 12,10
155Conscious Business€ 2,75
156Love Yourself like your Life Depends on it€ 3,99
157The Power Broker€ 9,44
158The Artist’s Way€ 11,93
159Target Switzerland€ 1,80
160The Enchiridion€ 3,66
161Das 5-Minuten Tagebuch€ 6,72
162Pragmatics of Human Communication€ 2,04
163Emotional Intelligence€ 6,92
164Target Switzerland€ 14,85
165A Guide to Econometrics€ 14,00
166Black Elk Speaks€ 18,89
167Get Shit Done€ 11,52
168Pleidooi voor Radicalisering€ 14,99
169Sapiens (NL)€ 14,99
Average price€ 10,49


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