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One week of daily vlogging

So, I’m writing this while my seventh video (in a row!) is uploading. It’s been one week since I started the daily vlog, all the way from Genk (Belgium) to Lisbon (Portugal). I had limited experience with video up until that point and frankly, I still feel that way. If you’re like me and you love stories in the broadest sense of the word, daily vlogging will feel a lot like a dairy. It allows you to keep track of your feelings, experiences and thoughts.

I will not dive too deep into the technical aspect of daily vlogging. You’ll need a camera, preferably a DSLR like Casey, or you could go for an iPhone, like many of us including me, do. You’ll want a tripod to mount your camera/iPhone, which will prove invaluable, especially for time lapses. You could use Final Cut Pro or other professional video editing software, but iMovie or Windows Movie Maker, as cheesy as it sounds, will offer you most of the features you’ll need. Of course, professional software makes you think of yourself as a better creator. That’s why I use FCP.


The key to daily vlogging is easy. You shoot a lot of videos and edit, plus the daily upload part. I tend to consciously divide my time between non-filming and filming events. So whenever I take my phone and tripod with me, filming-mode gets activated. I might ask an extra question or exploit a joke, because those things tend to make a video stand out, or at least make someone laugh. I’m in the business of entertaining myself and others, in various ways, so the number of laughs is an important metric.

Here are some final thoughts on the vlogging thing:

  • If you’re into traveling and/or you’re the outgoing, I-want-to-know-what-drives-you type, vlogging allows you to ask random questions. I love the “hey I’m making a tourist video, would you mind..”-excuse;
  • If you’re into diaries and/or daily appreciation practices and/or keep a journal, vlogging might add an interesting perspective to your introspective thoughts. I’d suggest making a vlog but not uploading it, unless you’re 100% pleased with the result;
  • Do not daily vlog if you believe that this shit is easy. To be honest, it’s not difficult, let alone complex, but it will take you some effort. If you’re new to this, like I am, you will probably waste enormous amounts of time editing;
  • Make sure to enjoy what you’re doing: nobody requires you to make two, ten or 30 minute videos. You do whatever you like.

Now let’s see how long I can keep it up. I’m convinced that vlogging offers a lot of extra value, just like hosting a podcast, but only if you believe that you’re building something that will outgrow your efforts. Eventually.

I believe this to be the only path, no matter how hard it might get.

Here’s an overview of my vlogs

Hi, ik ben Kobe. "Kobe van Reppelen is a 25-year old writer and entrepreneur. After having lived in Belgium, Brazil, and Germany, he now travels the world looking for the best stories from extraordinary people. In these stories, he details the lives, choices, and careers of people ranging from ministers to billionaires and artists. His unique style of interviewing helped his podcast become one of the most popular Belgian podcasts. He is currently working on his first book, bundling the most valuable lessons into a gateway to self-fulfillment."

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